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Hello Everyone! Woof Woof!

Hello Everyone! Woof Woof. We are Dashing Dogs NFT. A fun, dog-loving community with 9,292 NFTs available for Mint along with over 250+ Unique traits. Our project originated from our love for dogs and passion to grow the NFT community as a whole.

About Us


Dashing Dogs is a collection of 9,292 high quality art images on the Solana blockchain. We have collaborated with a team of artists to create some of the most vibrant & beautiful NFT art pieces that capture the look and feel of each doggo and the retro feel of the 1970s and 1980s.

Our Dashing Dogs will consist of multiple layers within each NFT piece that will also determine the rarity of the image. After Minting, we will release a Rarity model that shows how to determine the rarity of each art piece.

Within each art piece, multiple layers were designed to construct the NFT. Below are the main drivers that will tally to 250+ unique traits within this project.

    Preview of some doggos





Consists of vibrant designs to show the doggo’s best side. Including but not limited to turquoise, peach, light blue, honey, etc.


Every doggo can have a number of persona types that are included but not limited to deer’s, kings, toys, watermelons, rainbows, tigers, etc.


Consists of rad clothes that are included but not limited to bowties, robes, bees, sharks, green jacket, zebra print, etc.


Swag is a requirement. Some of the cool accessories each doggo has that are included but not limited to hats, hammers, hotdogs, tentacles, etc.


We wanted a partner to come join in on the fun. Some of our doggo's have some pretty boss side-kicks. Some of the passengers that are included but not limited to spiders, birds, turtles, hedgehogs, etc.

Our Roadmap